Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adorama Buys Your Photographic Equipment

Adorama Buys Your Photographic Equipment

Originally posted June 24th, 2009 by Dennis Hays

Your old photo equipment can be money in your pocket. The unused, dust gathering “stuff” you no longer need is your ticket to upgrade or get immediate cash.
Selling your old equipment privately or on an online auction takes time and is a hassle. Why go through all that and the expense of advertising, when you can send it to Adorama, at no cost to you, and get a check back in a few days or use your old equipment to upgrade.
Take some time and gather your used equipment. When ready, contact Adorama and get a prepaid UPS shipping label sent to you and send your equipment, fully insured, for a no obligation evaluation.
After we appraise your equipment, we’ll contact you with our best offer and you can choose to upgrade your equipment get a check put in the mail within two days, or you can choose to have your old photo equipment sent back at our expense. It couldn’t be any easier than this.
How much can you expect should you want to cash in your equipment? Typically, Adorama offers 70% of retail, based, of course, on age and condition.
Want to upgrade? Take a look at Adorama’s extensive range of cameras, lenses and accessories and save money today.
Go to to contact Adorama about buying your photographic equipment.

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