Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do I print at AdoramaPix?

You would first convert your RAW files to TIFF or JPG files and save them on your CF card. You might also save them to a jump drive, DVD, or CD. Once in the store, you would insert the media into one of our kiosks.
From there, it’s basically the same set up as we have online; you would log in to your account, or, if you didn’t have one, create a free account with AdoramaPix. You would then upload the image files to our site from whatever drive they are on, then continue to process the order.
This includes setting up the job and choosing paper/finish, selecting borders or no borders and deciding on a cropping option. On the next page, you'll enter the quantity of prints for each image. The next step is to approve or edit the crops, if you chose that option in Set Up.

Then you can confirm the order and proceed to checkout! You can pay with PayPal, credit card or in cash (cash is only an option for the store, obviously not for online orders).

You'll be given a receipt with which to pick up the prints. That’s it! We have two customer service representatives in the store to help every step of the way.

[Thanks to Ingrid at AdoramaPix for her help with this blog post]

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