Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DDoS attack,(distributed denial-of-service)

So far behind with my blog; the Jewish holidays came and went, and I don't think I've fully caught up!!

I'd like to write about some of my recent customer service experiences, however, right now I need to post this message:

Many Adorama customers have been in contact with us due to the periodic unavailability of our website over the past few days. We have ascertained that the Adorama website is currently under DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service)

As if the New York drizzle wasn't enough to put up with, we have been made aware that there has been an explicit, deliberate attempt to disrupt our business - and the lives of our customers - by very experienced, aggressive attackers who have been able to overpower our servers and make the Adorama website unavailable, although we are unsure at this point whether the motives of these cyber vandals are extortion or revenge.

[It has been suggested by one of my colleagues that it is a cunning plan to get me off the forums.....how mean is that?]

Seriously, we want to stress that there has been no penetration into our system security, and that no data has been compromised.

Our IT team has been working ceaselessly to defend against this attack; we hope the worst is over ....... and I'm still here!

So, if you were planning to order from Adorama and were about to change your mind due to the problems we've been experiencing, we would be extremely grateful if you can bear with us just a little bit longer.

If you are able to wait until we are back on our feet, and are interested in finding out more about how systems can be overwhelmed in this way, you may want to take a look at what linuxsecurity.com & gizmodo.com say about DDoS attacks.
There is also a heap of info available on You Tube.

In the meantime, our friendly sales team can still take your 'phone orders on 212 741 0052 - 'though you may be waiting a little longer than usual for us to answer your calls.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


  1. Hi Helen,

    Any ideas, at all, when the website will be back up? I need my gear ASAP (the sooner the better) and I've tried the website for the past few days but to no avail. It worked briefly one night but the next morning it was bad again.


    All the way from Australia,

  2. Luke

    Most of the world seems to be accessing the website OK, now; Australia has been hit badly, I believe because most of the ISPs in Australia use Dynamic IP - which means that a customer's IP may change every few days.

    If you are still being affected, you can help us to help you by providing the following information and sending it to me - we would be extremely grateful:

    Your Name:
    Your Email address:
    Order Number if you have placed an order in the past:
    IP Address:

    To find out your IP address, please visit: http://whatismyip.com

    BTW if you are aware of any other Adorama customers who are also having problems in accessing our site, please ask them to forward the above information to me, as well.

    In the meantime, our friendly sales team can still take your 'phone orders on 212 741 0052 - 'though you may be waiting a little longer than usual for us to answer your calls.

    Alternatively, email Fred in our sales team (fredw@adorama.com) and he will look after you.

    Best wishes