Monday, January 4, 2010

"Why don't you answer my emails immediately?"

"Why don't you answer my emails immediately?"

Some days I turn on the computer to find 70+ emails and alerts that have come in overnight (due to the worldwide, multi-time zone customer base). Another 50 - 100 may come in through the day.

Some I can deal with immediately. Others need to be forwarded on to another department for information / updates / advice.

"But you should have someone send me something so I know you've received my email"

I don't have an auto-response set up as I answer each and every enquiry myself, individually. My hope is always that I'm only going to need to send a single response to a customer - preferably the same day. It falls apart if I'm waiting on a colleague or manufacturer to come back to me - if one of us goes into a meeting or gets caught up in something that just can't wait - like our DDOS attack a few weeks ago.

"So how do I know that you've even seen my query? Or that you are going to do anything about it?"

I can promise that I read every single email I receive and respond as quickly as I possibly can.

"120 - 150 emails a day isn't so many. Some of them are probably junk, anyway!"

Good point! However, I do have to check my SPAM box thoroughly every day - to make sure I don't 'bin' something important from a customer.....

Responding to emails isn't actually the main part of my job......I spend the greater part of my day checking and responding on Internet forums, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, shopping sites etc. In fact, anywhere and everywhere that Adorama Camera or AdoramaPix might be mentioned.
At the last count I estimated that I've posted in over 500 places (with 1000+ Twitter postings alone).

It never ceases to amaze me where postings about Adorama Camera turn up. I find photographers who ski and skateboard; shoot handguns and own pit bull terriers; drive Volkswagens & Mustangs. Then there are the railway enthusiasts, Lotus owners, bird watchers, scrap bookers, and Disney fans who also take photographs - and many more besides.
You name a camera manufacturer, and there is a forum dedicated to the aficionados who follow it, avidly. Many individual models also have their own Flickr groups or forums.

"Why don't you use alerts & RSS feeds?"

I do! But even with the complex system of alerts and search tools that I have set up, I can miss an individual posting - or an entire thread. As clever as the 'spiders' may be, they aren't infallible. On some forums I'm a regular visitor, and I feel as though I know the members like old friends. I'm always grateful when a member flags up a thread that needs my intervention.

I can't guarantee that I can give a same day response - 'though I will always try to do so.
What I can guarantee, however, is that as the Customer Service Ambassador for Adorama Camera, you - the customer - are central to everything I do.

My main concern is that no Adorama Camera customer with a query or concern should ever feel that they have nowhere to turn, nobody to ask or no one to listen.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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