Monday, March 15, 2010

Jack Howard and Mason Resnick of the Adorama Learning Center answer listener questions about anything and everything related to photography

Jack Howard and Mason Resnick of the Adorama Learning Center answer listener questions about anything and everything related to photography: making great photos, picking the right gear, software tips and tricks, and more.

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Episode #11: DSLRs versus the "Two-Thirds" system? Jack and Mason take on a confusing question about different camera formats in this episode!

Episode #10: Superzoom vs. Ultrawide; when to use Neutral Density filters, and more! Jack and Mason talk about the differences between superzooms and ultrawides, when and why to use ND filters, and why grad filters aren't the only game in town any more in this episode.

Episode #9: Setting up a camera system, wedding photography and more! Jack and Mason talk about setting up a camera system for today and tomorrow in light of HD video, micro four thirds, pancake lenses and a whole lot more, along with what to think about for a wedding business, and tips for turning off the flash if you're in the stands for the big game.

Episode #8: Studio on a Shoestring, Indoor Sports, slide duping and more Jack and Mason answer more listener questions ranging from home studio on a tight budget, making the most of indoor sports, ways to dupe slides, and why your telephoto lens has a tripod collar

Episode #7: SLR 101, Nikon Capture NX2, and more! Jack and Mason tackle the SLR exposure triad, talk about Nikon Capture NX2, monitor calibration and much more in our first episode for 2010!

Episode #6: RAW revisited, model trains, 2010 predictions and more! Jack and Mason revisit RAW to talk about picture styles and hard versus soft settings, along with tips for making realistic images of scale model trains. A bonus segment includes predictions and resolutions for 2010 and beyond!

Episode #5: HD video under $300, holiday shots and more! Jack and Mason tackle camcorders and HD-capable still cameras on a $300 budget, tips for making great holiday shots and talk about serious cameras for teens and tweens in this episode!

Episode #4: In-camera RAW and JPG scaling, light tripods and more! Hosts Jack Howard and Mason Resnick tackle tripods that'll fit in a backpack and untangle in-camera processing questions.

Episode #3: Flavors of Photoshop, filters, split screens, and more! We tackle more great reader questions in this episode including what version of Adobe Photoshop is right for you, why so few compact cameras have filter threads, what happened to split focusing screens, and what to do to keep humidity and condensation from ruining your photo shoots.

Episode #2: What's in the bag? And what bag is it in? We talk about previsualization for different types of shoots, and discuss different breeds of camera bags for hauling and shooting.

Episode #1 We answer questions about aerial photography, cold- and wet-weather cameras, ND filters and lots more in this first episode.

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