Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I really wish for from Adorama.......

"What I really wish for from Adorama would be to implement a dynamic inventory system. I'm weary of the "sorry it's out of stock" speech when I call a day or two after it's supposed to ship"

Since we advertise via many portals -, Amazon, Ebay, etc it isn't always easy to predict accurately how much merchandise to put up on each portal. If we have 100 units we can't tell each portal that we have 100....or we could potentially 'sell' 500 units, ie oversell 400.
We also don't want to short ourselves and advertise only 20 on each portal.

The second explanation is that if a customer places a order just as / immediately after a delivery is re-stocked our website will show the units as being in stock, and an automated confirmation that the order has been received is sent out.
If an item is heavily back-ordered (because we don't charge until an order actually ships), the back-orders need to be filled, with the units being removed from the shelves by our warehouse team and packaged for shipping.

At the exact moment that the final back-ordered unit is removed from the
shelf, any customers with unfulfilled orders would again receive an
automated email this time indicating that the unit is now again on back order.

Our website also does not update in real time, to allow for order cancellations -the bulk of which typically occur within the first 30 - 45 minutes of placing an order eg because a customer has had a change of heart - or because his wife has just walked into the room!

That would explain why it could appear from the site that there are still
units in stock, when in fact they have already been allocated to customers who had placed their back-orders during the past weeks.

Items will show as being in stock right up until the last one is picked off the shelf. So, for example, if we have 300 delivered, and 295 pre-orders there are actually only 5 available for sale. When the 295th unit is picked from the shelf, the next 5 orders that come in (and there is no way that this can be over-ridden) will be picked and allocated in strict order of receipt.

It's also entirely possible that we could receive 50 orders within the space of a couple of minutes - from the 'phones, the store, the website and from our partners such as Amazon and

I really like the opening words of the email from this customer.

What do YOU really wish for from Adorama? What could we be doing better to improve your shopping experience?
We may not be able to grant all your wishes - as the saying goes, 'we can now do the impossible, but miracles take a little longer'.
What I do have is a coupon code for $25 against your next purchase of $75 or over from Adorama. I'm going to give it to the best new suggestion for improving our services.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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