Thursday, November 18, 2010

What does a 'Customer Service Ambassador' do, exactly?

A question posed today by a member of an Internet forum......

"What does a 'Customer Service Ambassador' do, exactly?"

I'm signed up to many hundreds of photography forums, websites, Flickr groups, shopping sites etc, plus websites which are not really about photography, but which have a photography section. There are paintballers, skiiers, cyclists, train enthusiasts, skateboarders, anglers, deer hunters, campers, 'plane enthusiasts,pistol shooters, mums with babies, sailors - and more - who all share a passion for photography.
Wherever Adorama is mentioned, I try to drop in to make certain that any of our customers who may need advice or after-sales support, know that I'm available and how to contact me.

My brief is to search for Internet postings which refer to Adorama, in order to give advice and information, as well as to investigate and resolve complaints and concerns that posters have been unable to address through regular customer service channels.

I alert the Adorama Senior Management Team to customer feedback concerning company policies - with recommendations for change, and provide a rapid response for customers.

Any customer with an enquiry, query or complaint regarding an order - or any aspect of service from Adorama, is most welcome to contact me directly:

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador!/helen.oster?v=info

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