Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 Secrets of Excellence in Online Customer Service

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude - All customer issues offer an opportunity to learn and grow

2. Listen with Empathy - Put yourself in the customer's shoes and communicate clearly that you appreciate his/her concerns

3. Take Ownership - Don't make excuses; apologize and take responsibility for what happened

4. Communicate Your Plan of Action - Let the customer know what you're going to do to take care of the problem. Clarify what you can’t do

5. Take Action - Deliver speedily on what you promised (even better, deliver more)

6. Confirm Customer Importance - Ensure the customer hears that he/she is valued and that you want to retain his/her business.

Helen Oster ☺
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


  1. This is really informative as well as an interesting post to read. Listening to your customers is absolutely the cornerstone of great customer service. It is very important to listen to your customer’s problems and deal with his/her complains and that is a part of good customer service.:) Thanks for the good info!
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  2. Thanks, Katty.

    I think the key to excellence in customer service is communication; constantly updating the customer with progress, and confirming what can - and what can't - be achieved. And of course, a giving a realistic time frame for resolution.