Sunday, May 15, 2011

Making a Photobook? SO easy, a child can do it!

My father-in-law will turn 80 at the beginning of June, so amongst his children and grandchildren came the inevitable - "what can we buy him - he's got everything!"

Well, in many ways, he does.
He has my mother-in-law - no jokes, please, she's an amazing bundle of energy who makes all the rest of us look like we are only able to work in reverse....

He also has 12 grandchildren (+ 2 grandchildren-in-law) and one great granddaughter.

With the family spread across 3 continents – in the UK, USA and Israel – how were we ever going to find something we could all agree on?
The others may have been stumped, but not me.
When I suggested a Photo Book from AdoramaPix, there was pretty unanimous agreement. However, making the book didn’t turn out quite how I’d imagined……..

I sent every family member a link to the AdoramaPix website, but after 2 weeks it was clear that nobody had even looked at it; I’d hoped for feedback on which design to use, but realized I’d be waiting forever! So my 11-year old son chose a template, and decided on a 76-page, 8x12 book, in strong spring colors, with a cute butterfly design across the pages.

I sent the link and log-in details out to all the family, but after hearing nothing back from any of them over the next 2 weeks figured I’d better make a start on the book myself. The problem was, this was during the weeks leading up to Passover; always a busy time, but made worse because my cleaner had broken her foot while climbing onto my table to clean the light fittings (she broke the table, too, but that’s another story…..)

I was starting to panic – NO WAY could I get it done on my own! Which is where my son came in.
He spent maybe 30 hours going through all our stored digital pictures, organizing and selecting. Then he sorted through all the old prints, scanning and uploading them.
Some of the UK-based clan, (after a number of calls and emails), finally uploaded some pictures, and family in Israel sent us a memory stick and a CD with their contribution.

But it was my little boy who poured all his free time and his love into that Photo Book. He asked every family member to write a dedication which he matched to the pictures; he scattered memorable quotations about grandfathers throughout the book, and when he discovered the ‘stickers’, used them at every opportunity.

Finally it was ready to send to AdoramaPix, and we waited patiently for the finished book to arrive……..

It totally surpassed all of our expectations. OK, one of my nieces had lost part of her head (!) and I noticed some dodgy punctuation in one of the dedications, but I’ll bet I’m the only one to notice.

Every page I turned brought back so many happy memories of my children growing up, and great times spent with in-laws, out-laws, nieces and nephews. I’ll even admit to having a tear in my eye.

My father-in-law is going to be blown away when he sees it, I know. We’ll have to make sure we capture his expression when he opens it up. It’ll be priceless – and maybe we’ll include it when we make a book for my mother-in-law for her 80th!

What’s the point of my blog? To thank my wonderful, amazing son for all his hard work – and to let you know: if you’ve wanted to make an AdoramaPix Photo Book but been a bit unsure, it’s so simple, an 11-year-old can do it!!

BTW. There’s 20% off all 8x8 books thru 5-24…….so what are you waiting for??!!

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