Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The kindest people I've Never met

The title of this blog may be confusing, but no, it isn't a typo!

I want to tell you a story about a very special couple that neither I nor the little boy at the center of the story have ever met, and yet I want their spontaneous act of kindness to be recognized. It is a reminder that in this cynical world there are kindnesses that can never be repaid, because they touch our hearts. And you simply can't buy that!

For the past 18 months, Alex has been running a pet care business in his small town in Israel. He gets up an hour early to walk dogs and feed cats for people who are away from home, and still get to school on time. He charges $1 an hour and has a client list that many would be amazed at – but he is only just 12-years old. (There’s a Richard Branson / Warren Buffet in the making!)

He wanted to buy a camera (which is where I come in) and having read great reviews about Adorama Camera he decided to buy a Canon refurb point-and-shoot. So far so good. But the shipping costs meant that he’d have to put off his purchase while he continued to save so he came up with a plan.
Friends of Alex’s parents were going to be visiting the US so he arranged with them that the camera would be shipped to their hotel, the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn a "Cape Cod bed and breakfast" in Massachusetts (http://www.platinumpebble.com/)

Unfortunately, the camera arrived at the hotel a day after the friends had checked out and were already on their way back to Israel.

Asking around her friends Alex’s Mum found someone who would be travelling to the US within 6 weeks, but sadly not close enough to the Platinum Pebble Inn to be able to collect it. She sent an email to the hotel owners, Simon and Annabelle Hunton to explain the situation, and naturally, Alex’s Mum asked them to bill her credit card for the shipping costs and their time.

3 days later she received the following email:


The package has been sent today to your friend. I would guess it'll be with them on Wed/Thur of this week.

Don't worry about the costs!

Kind regards

So, a little boy in Israel is finally going to get his camera from Adorama. If I were going to be travelling to the Cape Cod area there is no doubt that I’d make the Platinum Pebble my first stop! But I’m not. I'll have to content myself with reading their blog: http://www.capecodinns.com/blog/

So all I can do is thank Simon & Annabelle, on Alex’s behalf, for their generosity. I guess it's unusual to find that there really are still people who consider kindness and compassion to others to be more important than commercial opportunity.

I hope this story inspires you as it did me, and wish you a life filled with blessings, kind deeds and acts of loving kindness.

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