Sunday, April 15, 2012

What does it mean to buy a Refurbished item from Adorama Camera?

Who refurbishes the units?

They are all refurbished by the manufacturer (unless specified otherwise) to the original company's specifications.

Why does availability seem unpredictable?

Unlike new inventory, we can’t order refurbs in – we have to wait for the manufacturers to contact us when they have a batch to sell.

What are the advantages of refurbished goods?

All refurbished items will have been checked over by the manufacturer by hand, inspected very thoroughly, diagnosed, and calibrated by experienced technicians, and could therefore turn out to be more dependable than a new item - which will only have been checked by a process of systematic quality control protocol (ie by random sampling as it comes off the conveyor belt).

What about firmware updates?

Refurbished goods are shipped with the firmware updates and latest fixes which were completed at whatever stage it was at when we took delivery.

What type of warranty does Adorama offer on "Refurbished" goods?

All Canon refurbished products from Adorama come with a 1 year return-to-Adorama warranty; the warranty we give covers anything the manufacturers warranty covers for a new unit, including shutter defects.

All other refurbs sold by Adorama come with a 90-day return-to-manufacturer warranty.

Do I need a warranty certificate for repairs on refurbished goods?

No, your Adorama invoice is all you need to get warranty service on refurbished products (or just your order number, for Canon refurbs).

If you'd like any additional information about buying refurbs (or new, or used!) items from Adorama Camera, I'm only an email away:

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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