Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wishing you a Happy & Sweet New Year / SHANA TOVA V'METUKA

A thought for the New Year as we dip the apple in the honey.

The story is told of a short apple tree that grew beside a tall cedar. Every night, the apple tree would look up and sigh, believing that the stars in the sky were hanging from the branches of its tall friend. 

 The little apple tree would lift its branches heavenward and plead: “Where are my stars?” As time passed, the apple tree grew...its branches produced leaves, passersby enjoyed its shade and its apples were delectable...but each night, when it looked to the skies, it felt inadequate. Other trees had stars, but it did not. 
 One day a strong wind blew, hurling apples to the ground. The apples fell in such a way that they split horizontally. Revealed in the very center of each apple was its inner star. The apple tree had possessed stars all along...

May we be blessed to recognize our inner stars! A year of joy, health, blessing and peace,

Wishing you and all who are dear to you only good things for the New Year, 5773 years from creation.

 - and enjoy this fabulous, entertaining and spirited YouTube video from members of Latma!

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