Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ordering from Adorama Camera and shipping to Canada?

Check out our BRAND NEW shipping option, which will not only be much cheaper plus the customer pays all taxes’ & duties up front rather than at the front door! 

Our partner in this exciting new venture is Bilsi, who have agreed to send a truck to us every day to collect all the orders destined for Canada.
These orders will then be forwarded on to Canada.

The estimated arrival time for this is overnight to Toronto then add one day to most of Ontario and Quebec, two days for the Maritimes and Manitoba; three days for Saskatchewan and Alberta and four days to BC.

This is really exciting for Canadian consumers because:
• Tax & Duty Included with the shipping is really cheap! Less expensive than the options available from other US stores, and Much cheaper than the previous UPS Expedited option.

According to photoprice.ca :


a quick check shows that shipping costs are, on average, 50% less! Most items ship for less than $20, which is competitive with Canadian retail store shipping.
• Adorama Calculates the Tax & Duty & Brokerage, and charges you at time of sale. That means the final price you pay to Adorama is the final price to you. No more surprises, and no worrying about the tax bill from your courier when your shipment arrives.
Don't forget that many photographic items are covered by US/Canada or Worldwide Manufacturer Warranties, so many items you purchase from the US often come with warranty coverage in Canada.

This is the phoprice.ca article on warranties for Canadian consumers:


If you are new to buying from the US, you can also read the photoprice.ca article about Tax, Duty, and Brokerage Fees when buying from the US.

What is included in the final Adorama price? ALL taxes, duties, and brokerage fees are included in the final number when you select "Canada Shipping".
• Tax: Your local sales tax (GST + PST, or HST depending on province). If you are not in an HST province, only GST is charged (no PST). No taxes are due at delivery.
• Duty: Most camera equipment is duty free. If what you are buying is not, duties are included as well.
• Brokerage Fees: There are NO extra brokerage fees. Everything is already included in the shipping fee!
Go check out Adorama Camera for yourself, today http://www.adorama.com/ and find out how the new Tax & Duty-Included Ground shipping is going to keep dollars in YOUR pocket!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me directly: Helen@adorama.com.

[Thank you to  photoprice.ca for saying it all so concisely and clearly!]

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


  1. Hi, Helen;

    Is there any reason Adorama doesn't offer this attractive new shipping option for Used or Demo gear?

    Your regular shipping options for Used gear are a strong disincentive to prospective Canadian shoppers.




  2. Please note we do also offer the Bilsi shipping for used & Demo products; but there are a LOT of products on the site new or used that we don’t show because of one of the following:

    · we don’t yet know the duties applicable (this is a very new service)

    · it can take 2-3 days to get an item added - by which time it may have been sold!

    · we can't add items when we don’t know the country of origin

  3. Helen, this FedEx / Bilsi hybrid shipping thing doesn't appear to be available today.
    I'm seeing UPS worldwide. But surely, it's cheaper to ship to Canada vs overseas. Right now, it looks like Canada is lumped back into "world wide" again.
    What happened?

  4. It will be that this item, isn't currently in the system.

    We have about 180,000 products in our inventory; so far, about 130,000 products are available via Bilsi with no problems - including used items

    In about in a week from today we hope every item in our inventory will be on Bilsi

    EXCEPT: for items without a Country of Origin which unfortunately can never be available via Bilsi

  5. I'm glad i found this post. I run a photography business and despite having a local camera store, B&H receives 95% of my equipment orders. Over the years I have made attempts to buy from Adorama but the taxes could not be paid up front and shipping was always 300-400% more compared to B&H. I've lost out on some amazing Adorama sales / bundle sales over the years. Now I can have Adorama as an option finally. That is wonderful news!

  6. I am a happy customer of availing this shipping service . your service is quite satisfactory

  7. Nice Blog , thanks for shareing the information